Monday, September 15, 2008

VOTE - or at least celebrate the right to!

We did up this fun window for the store this week! Don't you love it? Everyone in our shop favors a different candidate, so we thought it was important to just encourage people to Vote - or at least celebrate the right to! So if you want to throw a party on November 4, 2008 - stop in for some great invites, napkins, favor ideas, etc. Go Democracy!

Want to register to vote - visit JustVote

Some interesting stats found in the October 2008 Women's Health ...

Percentage of women who say it's OK for celebs to endorse candidates: 61
Why: It's their right.

How the Average Woman keeps track of the candidates: TV news
What she's likely to watch:
Today, Good Morning America, or The Daily Show with John Stewart

Percentage of registered women voters who say they'd like to see a female commander-in-chief in their lifetime: 69

Political issue the Average Woman currently considers most important:
the economy
How she'd jump-start it: with lower gas prices

Presidential candidate who gets the Average Woman's "sexiest" vote:
John F. Kennedy

Title the Average Woman thinks would best fit a female president's husband: First Gentleman

Interesting, huh! For more facts, check out this month's Women's Health

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