Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kdog Photos of My Kids

Hey all - if you read this and need a super great set of photographers - see these guys - Rachel, Phillip and Doug! I asked for some fun, summer, overexposed photos and I get exactly what I wanted - what to buy first? Anyway, see some more of the photos here

My kids are already asking me when they can have Phillip out to the lake with them again! Like it is a playdate - hey Phillip - I am up for it anytime you are!

Custom Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

Want something different at your wedding than the traditional candy bar - how about a custom ice cream sandwich station! Several flavors of cookies and even more ice cream flavors - how about a double chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter and chocolate ice cream! Yum! And the perfect way to wrap up a summer wedding.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bridesmaid Flowers

Wouldn't these look adorable on your bridesmaids? I think putting them on the waist of a dress would be amazing. Image

Monday, July 6, 2009

KC Weddings Article

I love press, especially free press - but only when it is correct. I was quoted in the most recent edition of KC Weddings magazine in an article about wedding invitations being environmentally friendly. The quote I gave was correct. I do believe that just because an invitation is environmentally friendly doesn't mean it can't also be stylish. However, the article goes on mention a few other things about inks, etc. and I just want to clear the air.

Bennett Schneider does not do any in-house letterpress printing. We work with some great designers who use 100% cotton paper or bamboo paper and those vendors should be given all the credit for their designs and efforts. The invitations pictured in the article that we sent in were from Smock Letterpress and Mr. Boddington's Studio. The article also mentioned that we only sell paper that is environmentally friendly - and though we try very hard to do this - there are a few lines we carry that may use wood pulp for paper but do so in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment as best they can. We make it a point to do our part by recycling and informing our customers the best we can.

I hope this clears things up - I just felt the article was misleading and wanted to be certain there was not information floating around that was not completely true.

Our sincere apologies.

Invitation shown by twig & fig

Friday, July 3, 2009

You stopped me in my tracks...

Yesterdays New York Times had a great article about personal stationery and it really spoke to me! Here is the link The Lettered Set.

My mom and I were very saddened when we learned Mrs. John L. Strong was going to go out of business. But, we have also seen an increase in our personalized stationery. If you have not been in lately to see some of the amazing new options in personalized stationery you will be so surprised. Any color or typestyle you can imagine is available and the sizes and paper colors are endless.

So please - check out the article, I think you will find it very interesting.

Photos from The Printery

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Something Borrowed

So we have a great idea - make your wedding invitations your something borrowed. Ordering Smock Letterpress wedding invitations is a great thing. All of their invitations, notes, cards, etc. are made of bamboo paper - the rate bamboo grows makes is a great source for paper. So...basically you are just borrowing from earth to send your invites - and oh, did we mention that environmentally friendly doesn't have to mean boring or plain!

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